Abandonded dog, newborn puppies rescued from winter storm

Courtesy: Pound Buddies/Facebook

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) — A dog and her four newborn puppies are receiving love and care after they were discovered abandoned in the middle of a winter storm.

Pound Buddies, a nonprofit animal shelter in Muskegon, posted the “Christmas miracle” story on its Facebook page Sunday morning, including pictures of the mother and her babies, which are believed to be just a few days old.

Robert Pringle, a Pound Buddies staff member, was called to check on a 911 caller’s report about a dog seen wandering out in a snowy vacant lot in Muskegon Heights, according to the Facebook post.

Pringle responded to the address right away and saw the dog covered in snow and curled up, the post stated. The dog allowed Pringle to approach her and put a leash around her neck. When she stood up, Pringle noticed she had been covering four newborn puppies.

Pringle and a Muskegon Heights police officer were able to get the mother dog and her babies to the safety of a warm car and brought them to Pound Buddies shortly before 1 a.m. There, the mother was fed and she and her puppies were put into a kennel where they could rest.

Pound Buddies updated the Facebook post Monday morning, saying that mother and her pups were doing well and more information would be shared when available.