Va. Beach men arrested in takedown of gun trafficking ring

Image Credit: NYPD/Facebook

NEW YORK (AP/WAVY) — Police have arrested four Virginia men who they say were part of a conspiracy to smuggle guns from their home state into New York City for sale on the street.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old Clive Dixon, of Virginia Beach, the suspected ringleader of the group, was apprehended along with three of his suppliers following an investigation into the “iron pipeline” of illegally trafficked firearms.

The suspects coordinated sales over the phone and through text messages. Dixon allegedly sold more than 100 weapons at an average price of $1,000 a piece to an undercover NYPD detective between March 28 and Nov. 17.

Dixon is facing 172 total counts of various firearms-related charges as a result of the sting.

The trafficking ring was brought down with help from court-authorized wiretaps and social media analysis.

Virginia Beach men Emmanuel Dentmond, 22, and Teal Arnold Holt, Jr., 27, are also firearms-related charges in this case.

Authorities say Dentmond is charged with 66 total counts, while Holt is facing four charges. The fourth man charged, 27-year-old Antonio Williams, of Chesterfield, is facing with 54 counts of firearms charges.

Dixon’s attorney says his client, who is also a rapper known as Moe Chetta, has pleaded not guilty.

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