Video: Young ‘Reindeer’ befriends Alabama kids, visits 3 times

COLUMBIANA, Ala. (WIAT) — We’ve all seen deer in our yards, but how many of you can say you’ve petted the visiting deer?

Three Columbiana kids and their mom can! Mom Laura Whitfield sent WAVY sister station WIAT CBS42 a video and photos of her children’s interaction with the deer.

Laura says her two younger children were playing in the yard when they came inside and told her they found a reindeer.

She figured they just saw a deer off in the woods, but when she went out to check on them a few minutes later, she found them petting him!

One of her kids even managed to hug the deer before she says she freaked out and made them get back.

And, it didn’t just happen once, but three times! After the first visit, he came back again and her older daughter was able to meet him too. The kids named him “Reindeer.”

(Courtesy: Laura Whitfield)
(Courtesy: Laura Whitfield)

They were concerned about him during the drought, so the family decided to put water in a kiddie pool, and he came back again, this time drinking out of the pool.

Whitfield describes it an incredible but terrifying experience. We can imagine–wild animals can certainly be unpredictable, but it seems Reindeer was quite the gentleman, allowing the kids to pet him and walking right up and touching Whitfield’s hand!

Laura hopes he makes it through hunting season, and jokingly asked everyone to closely examine his photo because he’s off limits to hunters.