Tennessee man’s home the only one still standing around him

All the homes around MacIsaac’s burned. Image Credit: WATE

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) — Through the gray ash and broken glass, homeowners in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee are sorting through the rubble. What was once a vibrant getaway is now a lifeless pile of brick.

Kevin MacIsaac lives in the Back Home Hideway, a cabin resort behind Dollywood.

“It’s literally a war zone. As people say, it’s total destruction. There’s nothing left,” said MacIsaac.

MacIsaac was asleep in his home Monday night when his son saved his life.

“He kicked the door in and said, ‘Dad, you got to go right now’. I literally only had time to put on my pants and grab my two dogs, get in the truck and go.”

He was allowed back in the area on Thursday.

Kevin MacIsaac. Credit: WATE
Kevin MacIsaac. Credit: WATE

“As I was coming down the mountain, I was pretty emotional seeing everything burnt, and then I saw the roof of my garage and the roof of my house.”

His home was the only one around him to survive the flames.

“It completely overwhelms you. By the grace of God we were saved.”

Moving forward, MacIsaac, like so many others, is unsure of what to do from here.

“All these cabins that are burnt, there’s nobody left around here and I’m only resident left, I don’t know, you know, how it’s going to be for us living here. It’s all burnt and there’s no life left.”