North Carolina board says no to recount delay in Durham

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DURHAM, NC (AP) -The State Board of Elections isn’t giving extra time for now to Durham County officials who were ordered to complete a recount of more than 90,000 ballots by Monday evening.

Board spokesman Pat Gannon said late Friday that the board office “does not believe an extension beyond Monday night is necessary.” He says the board is working with Durham officials to ensure the recount is performed as swiftly as possible.

The Durham elections board chairman said earlier Friday the local board couldn’t meet the Monday deadline and needed until Wednesday. Bill Brian said they were bringing in more tabulation machines and needed to hire more recount monitors but said the work would take a while. Brian said the Durham board had planned to reconvene Sunday morning.

The recount comes as Democrat Roy Cooper leads Republican Gov. Pat McCrory by a little over 10,000 votes statewide.