Windsor looks for answers to flooding woes

WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) – Nearly two months after back to back floods devastated the town of Windsor, clean up continues and residents and business owners are desperate for a long-term solution to the floods.

If past history is any indicator, it could be quite a while before a permanent fix is in place.

The town has worked in the past to buy out structures in the floodplain that have suffered multiple floods, and they are targeting 58 structures to either buy out or elevate above the flood level.

However, they will have to wait for federal and state funding to accomplish that and in the meantime, the town is exploring other options.

“We would love to find something that we could correct with either the river or the structures that are blocking the river,” said Allen Castelloe, Windsor’s town administrator. “So hopefully they can identify some of those obstacles that are causing us to flood more.”

The town recently started working with East Carolina University on flood control measures and hopes to get experts at NC State involved too.

The town is hopeful these new partnerships will shed some new light on some long-term solutions to Windsor’s flood woes.

The town did qualify for federal disaster relief and hopes to get funding for flood mitigation programs soon.