Will VDOT pave over Laskin Road’s feeder lanes?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Feeder roads on Laskin Road could become a thing of the past.

Two miles or so of access roads off the main street have been a part of the area for almost 40 years. They may have been a good idea decades ago, but there’s more traffic and more stress on drivers. City officials said they need to go. However, the decision is in the hands of VDOT’s Smart Scale program.

Cars run alongside Laskin Road as drivers try to navigate the feeder lanes.

“It can be pretty dangerous at times,” one driver said.

“They’re awful,” said another. “They are confusing.”

It’s the indecision that irks the owner of Taylor’s Do-It center, Joe Taylor.

“We’re trying to run a business here and people are using us as a traffic loop,” Taylor said.

From his view, sometimes, the confusion leads to chaos or worse.

“There have been several accidents here over the years and it would be great to see that minimized.”

Years ago, the city put the feeder lanes in to help shops likes Joe’s hardware store.

“The design thought was to provide a secondary road,” Phillip Pullen, Virginia Beach’s Transportation Division Manager said. “It was a less busy road to provide access to the businesses.”

“The feeder lanes have kind of outlived their useful life.”

A plan on the table will widen Laskin Road to eight lanes and get rid of the side roads. With the feeder lanes deleted, 30,000 drivers should be able to move faster through Laskin Road.

“We have put the application in this fall as our number one priority,” Pullen said.

Ultimately, VDOT will decide whether or not they will feed $15 million into the state budget to match the city in 2017. The city will kick in around $14 million. The earliest the project can break ground is 2021, if VDOT chooses to fund it.

The project also includes widening a section of First Colonial. VDOT will choose the road projects to fund in the spring.