911 calls reveal chaos after Ohio State attack

Image Credit: WCMH NBC 4

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Several 911 callers described to police the chaotic scene Monday morning after a knife-wielding man rammed into a group of people with his car.

Callers described the suspect driving over the curb in the area of 19th Avenue and College Road, hitting several people.

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“I think this is some type of terrorist attack,” said one caller. “Because the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. The guy did it purposefully.”

“Watts Hall, on OSU’s campus, somebody just drove through a crowd full of people. He’s now firing a gun, but I don’t know who’s firing the gun. It looks like a campus police officer,” said another caller.

“I saw the car ran into him, then plowed into a group of students stranding outside,” said Jeremy Weiss.

“I’m at Ohio State, right outside of Watts Hall and there was a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people and ran out with a knife chasing down people,” said another caller.