Anthony Burfoot’s public corruption trial now in its fourth week

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Anthony Burfoot’s public corruption trial is now in its fourth week. Monday again brought another day of witnesses for the defense.

Burfoot’s attorney, Andrew Sacks, continued to discredit the prosecution’s theory that Burfoot took money and gifts in exchange for favors.

The first couple of witnesses were there to discredit Tommy Arney.

Arney testified earlier that he gave the mother of Burfoot’s two children $25,000 and in return, would get support for opening a gentleman’s club on Granby Street.

Cynthia Hall, Norfolk Deputy City Attorney, says Arney was doing work on the club without any permits. Hall told the jury she cited Arney several times over the years.

“Mr. Arney was not a fan of mine,” Hall said.

Outgoing Norfolk City Manger Marcus Jones told the jury Burfoot never asked for any favors or special treatment for Tivest Construction, Tommy Arney or Ronnie Boone.

Norfolk City Attorney Bernard Pishko said the same thing.

Every witness Sacks called was there simply to tell a different story, such as work done on Burfoot’s home.

Prosecutors say Tivest spent thousands of dollars doing the work. However, Sacks called on Burfoot’s sister, Lisa Smith, and a family friend and plumber Monday. They testified that they never saw any work trucks at Burfoot’s home and he was actually doing the work himself with help from Smith’s husband.

Then, there was a lot of testimony about a Mercedes Burfoot bought from Dwight Etheridge. Prosecutors say Burfoot took out a loan as a front for the car but secretly, it was Etheridge who made payments.

Sacks called up a man who bought the car from Burfoot. He said on the stand that he paid Burfoot $3,000 in 2011. They met at a bank, where Burfoot used the money to pay off his loan and get the title for the car.

However, prosecutors say that day, Burfoot owed $4,600 on the loan and on that same day, Etheridge withdrew $1,000.

Sacks tells 10 On Your Side he still has 25 witnesses to be called. He expects to wrap up his case by Thursday.

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