Breaking down the process of potential recount in NC gubernatorial race

Image Credit: WNCT

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Gov. Pat McCrory’s Office announced Tuesday it officially filed for a statewide recount with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

What does that mean moving forward for North Carolina?

WAVY sister station WNCT reached out to the State Board of Elections to see what the next steps were in the process to determine the next governor. A spokesperson for the board says it is encouraging counties to continue canvassing. As of Tuesday evening, 34 counties have not completed canvassing, according to the board’s map.

When those counties are complete, the trailing candidate may request a recount if they remain within 10,000 votes of their opponent.

That candidate has until noon on the second business day following the completion of the canvass to file the recount. The board says McCrory’s camp filed this initial request due to the original canvass completion date that was set for last Friday.

Operating under “an abundance of caution”, the board says McCrory will have to re-file the request for a recount when the canvassing is complete if he is still trailing. Currently, there is no deadline in place for that process to wrap up.

Unofficial votes still have Roy Cooper ahead of McCrory by 6,500 votes. Craven, Beaufort, and Carteret counties are three of the remaining 34 counties that have not completed its canvas.