Va. Beach police rolling out new policing initiatives

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach Chief of Police James Cervera says the department has developed new, “21st century” policing initiatives.

Officers have researched for the last six months and have brainstormed with partners, including the Pastor’s Round Table.

The department is going to launch a mediation program, which will allow residents and officers to speak to each other about issues without having to make a formal complaint. The problem is then investigated internally within the police department. Cervera says the program will help people come together, have their voices heard and walk away with their problem resolved.

“Basically the project would work in that if a citizen felt — on a low level complaint — that the officer did not do something appropriately… and they agree to mediation, and the officer agrees to mediation, we would have a third party mediator sit both of the individuals down, have a conversation and hopefully come up with a conclusion that satisfies both parties,” Chief Cervera said.

The department has also posted all its policies and field guides online for citizens to read.