Man sentenced to life in prison for 2014 Norfolk murder

Joshua Wood (Photo provided by the Norfolk Police Department)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A judge sentenced 26-year-old Joshua Wood to life in prison for the murder of Dajuan Glover Friday.

Wood was one of three men arrested — and ultimately convicted of murder — for the shooting death of Glover. Kareem Turner, one of the three, was sentenced in September to 42 years, including 33 for the murder. Roy Turner also received a life sentence.

Yvonne Glover Cunningham stood outside Norfolk Circuit Court with a message for Wood.

“One thing I’d like to say for Joshua, I hope each and every day while he is in prison, his days will be a living nightmare,” she said.

Defense attorney James Broccoletti argued for a shorter sentence, more in line with Kareem Turner’s.

“If Kareem Turner gets 33 years for the homicide and Joshua Wood gets life for the homicide and had the same background, they had the same lack of a criminal record, those sorts of things, then their sentences should be similar,” Broccoletti said.

Prosecutors said Wood started the ambush and pulled a gun first before bullets struck Glover nearly 20 times.

“There is no way someone like that young man should be out of jail. He is a menace to society,” Cunningham said.

The defendant’s father, James Edward Wood, Sr., said he was not concerned by the sentence.

“I feel remorseful to the Glover family, however, Joshua maintains his innocence, and I’m going to stand behind my son,” he said.

Cunningham said she thinks of her son every day, but the loss hits her hard this time of year.

“Now it’s the holidays and my son, normally, he comes home every Thanksgiving and I found myself weeping somewhat this week because I know that he would have been on his way home, and because of those three thugs, he will not make it home,” she said.

Wood plans to appeal.