Demonstrators march through Norfolk to protest Trump

Joe Fisher/WAVY Photo

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Protesters marched through Ghent Friday night in opposition of the “fascist rhetoric” they say has come from President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

More than 75 people marched in the peaceful demonstration that condemned racism and promoted inclusiveness.

“When people protest, it’s because their voices have been silenced and they have no other means to express themselves than to come out and yell,” said Scott Patterson.

Joe Fisher/WAVY Photo
Joe Fisher/WAVY Photo

Many say they gave up their Friday night to stand up for minorities, a group of people they believe were hurt by Trump’s comments.

“It’s not a Republican, Democrat type of thing,” said Taylor Lavoye. “It’s that somebody who most Americans feel is a terrible human being is now the leader of our country.”

The nonviolent and nonpartisan event was sponsored by the Hampton Roads Justice Network, which describes themselves as an anti-oppression group.

Some people who watched the protesters from Colley Avenue believed their actions are not helping to unify the community.

“I don’t think the protests around the country breaking windows and stuff is really helping out at all,” said Jeff Jones. “It’s more dividing people.”