Perquimans High School student who tried to stop fight will return to school

HERTFORD, N.C. (WAVY) — A student who said he was trying to defend staff during a hallway brawl at Perquimans High School is not facing expulsion, according to his mother.

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Austin Deziel, 17, told 10 On Your Side he only got involved in the incident after he saw female staff members being harmed. He was given a 10-day suspension at first, which turned into expulsion, according to his parents during an exclusive interview Thursday.

“I wouldn’t have jumped in at all if it wasn’t for her getting hit and the rest of the female faculty getting hit,” he told WAVY’s Liz Kilmer.

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Austin’s mother, Tracy Deziel, said she met with a school administrator Monday, where she was told that Austin will be able to return to school. He will reportedly attend an alternative center for the remainder of the semester, in order to catch up on missed class time. Austin will be allowed to return to the high school in January.

Reached over the phone, Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman told 10 On Your Side he is pleased the family met with the administration to “have a better understanding of the discipline that was handed out.”

Austin was also charged with disorderly conduct in connection to the fight. He has a court hearing Wednesday.