Currituck firefighters sent to Rutherford County to help with wildfires

Currituck County Fire Department

CURRITUCK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) –  Currituck County Firefighters were sent to Rutherford County Sunday to help fight the week-long wildfire and provide other support.

1,400 firefighters battle NC mountain wildfires that now top 33,000 acres

Currituck Fire Department

Two fire engines and a command vehicle departed Currituck County bound for Lake Lure, N.C. The fire engines were provided by Moyock Fire Department and Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department, and staffed by members of Moyock Fire Department, Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department, Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department, Knott’s Island Volunteer Fire Department, and Currituck County Fire/EMS.

Rutherford County Emergency Management submitted a request to the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshall for 50 additional staffed fire engines to help to assist with the wildfires. According to OSFM officials, they were still attempting to fulfill the initial request as Rutherford County was preparing to request 20 additional staffed fire engines as of Saturday afternoon.

The crews from Currituck are expected to be there until November 19. Additional crews from the volunteer fire departments of Currituck County, as well as career staff from Currituck County Fire/EMS, are expected to relieve the initial responders.