Blue Angels call it a season after Saturday show

The Blue Angels streaked across the sky for almost an hour in a nearly flawless performance. More than 100 thousand fans strained to see every twist, turn and near miss.

The roar of the FA-18 Hornets filled the sky and reverberated through the crowd. “I love the sound,” says Blues fan Sarah Del Balle. “I love the sound in your chest when they go by. It’s awesome. It’s a thrill seeking kind of feeling.”


For veterans, like Robert Foster of Mobile, this was a special show. “I’m ex-Navy. This is part of my heritage here.”

At the end of the show, the final maneuver was “The Missing Man” formation in honor of Captain Jeff Kuss, killed in a crash over the summer. The season now nearly over, the Blues have triumphed over that tragedy and are now, home.

The Blue Angels take to the air for their last show of this 70th anniversary season Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock.