Changes coming to FEMA maps for flooding in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Flood maps have been redrawn for the City of Norfolk. So, do you need to buy flood insurance? FEMA has given Norfolk residents until February of next year to work out that detail.

If you live in Norfolk, flooding is a part of life. From the Hague to Larchmont, residents learn to live with it. Part of the life includes protecting your home, which means buying flood insurance.

On the city’s website, you can look at 2014’s map and see what got added to 2017’s maps. To understand them better, 10 On Your Side’s Matt Gregory talked to Mary-Carson Stiff with Wetlands Watch.

“We are encouraging people to be familiar with the maps,” Stiff said. “Be familiar with where these zones are in reference to your property.”

Stiff said the biggest changes add more than 400 parcels to high risk in coastal areas. It also takes away some properties from high risk flood zones. For people with federal mortgages, it’s mandatory to buy flood insurance.

However, Stiff says if you live in Norfolk and can afford it, you should probably get flood insurance anyway.

“We in Hampton Roads are seeing these 100-year floods occur far more frequently than just once a year,” she said.

After a month where Norfolk saw Hermine and Matthew leave their mark, everyone knows flooding is part of life in Norfolk. So is being prepared.