Demonstrators in Hampton protest Trump, Electoral College

Photo: @HamptonVaPolice/Twitter

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Demonstrators gathered in Hampton Thursday night to protest President-elect Donald Trump and the Electoral College that got him elected.

About 50 protesters marched down Mercury Boulevard westbound to the Hampton Coliseum. Hampton police say the protest was peaceful.

Protesters chanted phrases including “not my president,” “respect our vote” and “Electoral College: abolish.”

The protesters say they want to see the Electoral College be replaced by the popular vote. Trump won Tuesday’s election with 279 electoral votes, but Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 300,000.

“We need to let the world know, starting with our own local area and taking it to the state area, taking it to D.C., from all different levels, this will not be tolerated,” said activist Japharii Jones. “We the people don’t agree with it and we the people won’t stand for it anymore.”

Black Lives Matter 757 arranged the protests. The organizer said protesters were from all minority groups and the LGBT community.

“The moment we start being quite about our issues we’ve lost and we’re not losing anymore,” said Rockey Hines.

Trump took to Twitter in 2012, condemning the Electoral College.

Trump tweeted again Thursday night, saying protests taking place throughout the nation are “unfair.”