Students in Texas march in Austin protesting President-elect Trump

UT students protest President-elect Donald Trump (Photo via KXAN)

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) — Hundreds of University of Texas at Austin students are marching downtown, Wednesday, following an election upset by President-elect Donald Trump.

In a Facebook Live video by KXAN’s Alicia Inns, students made their way downtown past City Hall and blocked the First Street Bridge over Lady Bird Lake where they regrouped and voiced their opposition to Trump. Council Member Greg Casar, reelected Tuesday, is in the protest march.

Among the chants by the group were, “Donald Trump has got to go,” “Texas! Fight! Texas Fight!,” “Si se puede” (Yes we can) and “A people united will never be divided.” Some at the front of the protest group were wearing face masks and carrying a Communist flag.

Watch the Facebook Live from the scene. Warning: Graphic language.