Several states approve legal, medical marijuana use

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

U.S. (KXAN/AP) — Along with the selection of a new president, many states passed amendments during Tuesday’s election to allow medicinal and legalized marijuana use in their states.

The passing of medical marijuana means it can be grown and dispensed at licensed facilities approved by the state.

Arkansas: Medical marijuana

  • Yes: 53 percent
  • No: 47 percent

Florida: Medical marijuana

  • Yes: 71 percent
  • No: 29 percent

Montana: Medical marijuana

  • Yes: 57 percent
  • No: 43 percent


North Dakota: Medical marijuana

  • Yes: 64 percent
  • No: 36 percent

Many states went beyond passing medical marijuana and will now allow adults to legally use marijuana for personal reasons. This will mean the plant will be taxed and placed into a regulation system in those states.

California: Legalized marijuana

  • Yes: 56 percent
  • No: 44 percent

Massachusetts: Legalized marijuana

  • Yes: 54 percent
  • No: 46 percent

Nevada: Legalized marijuana

  • Yes: 54 percent
  • No: 46 percent