Local Trump supporters call for unity

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Trump’s campaign is celebrating victory Tuesday.

10 On Your Side spoke with local supporters who are proud their candidate won. But for some, that feeling of excitement was diminished after their property — including their Trump signs — were vandalized overnight.

Nancy Jones woke up to exciting news that Trump was elected. But she walked outside and was immediately disappointed.

“I saw eggs on the car and the signs, the Trump sign was stolen and the other signs, they were just trashed in the yard. Then I realized my neighbors had damage too,” said Jones.

A few neighbors were hit. One took the egging a little bit differently.

Gary Foisy, who lives two doors down, said, “I saw the eggs were on the car and I was like, ‘Hey, Trump must have won.'”

They have since cleaned up their yards and cars. But broken egg shells remain scattered in the street — a symbol of the divisiveness of this election.

“Unfortunately, we saw a lot of unrest and the egging is just a minor product, I’m glad that’s all they did,” said Foisy.

But instead of being angry at those who egged their homes, both Foisy and Jones say it’s time for people to come together. So instead of seeking revenge, they are offering forgiveness.

“We have to forgive each other, come together and just more love, more working together, unifying as a country,” said Jones.

They believe Donald Trump has already made strides toward uniting the country.

“I was thankful that Donald Trump was gracious to Hillary and he said he was thankful for the service she had given to our country and I feel like that’s the beginning to heal and I feel like that’s what we need to do,” Jones said.