Local Democratic leader calms those afraid of a Trump presidency

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Unity in America could be a challenge with a lot of people upset about the 2016 presidential election. Some people are afraid of what a Trump presidency will mean for them.

Though Clinton did win the popular vote, she failed to carry the electorate.

Community activist and First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party, Gayleen Kanoyton, has been getting an earful since 4:00 a.m.

WAVY.com went to the Democratic election headquarters outside of Hampton University, where she works with a lot of women and young adults. There, a wall is filled with “I’m with her” symbols. On the arrows, volunteers wrote why they were there and several said it was because they just didn’t want Trump to win.

Kanoyton says the way Trump pushed aside entire groups of people, especially minorities and women has left many of them questioning how he won.

“People are afraid, shocked,” she said. “My son was worried and I told my son and his generation, the millennials, this is something for you all to have to be strategic — you have to empower each other, study hard, learn the law and make sure that you’re in play to move this country forward.”

Kanoyton is trying to be a calming voice of reason. She told 10 On Your Side this is not their first loss and people should not live in fear, rather they should hold the president-elect and all of our leaders accountable and continue to vote.

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus echoed Kanoyton’s sons’ concerns and called for healing in a statement issued Tuesday:

We are disappointed with the results of the presidential election. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine were a phenomenal team who mounted an outstanding campaign and brought forth a message of equality, justice, and a better tomorrow for American citizens. Further, the Democratic Party finally shattered the political glass ceiling by nominating a woman of a major party as a candidate for President of the United States.

One of the great features of American democracy is that the purpose of elections is to have citizens select their leaders and move toward a peaceful transition of government. Citizens spoke on November 8 and Donald Trump was elected as president. We congratulate him and Governor Pence on their victory. Now it is time to move beyond the rhetoric and divisiveness and heal this nation with effective leadership and voices of reason. Over the course of two years, the nation has been subjected to a campaign fraught with racism, sexism, anti-semitism, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration sentiments, and harsh negativity aimed at various groups and individuals, heretofore unseen and heard in a presidential election. It is now time for governing. It is now time for Mr. Trump to be the President of the United States of America, not for some, but for all.”