Early voter turnout high in Pasquotank County

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) – North Carolina is a highly contested state in this year’s election — both presidential and for the governor.

However, many voters in Pasquotank County saw fairly calm days. As of 2 p.m., 3,751 voters had showed up at nine precincts across the county. 11,415 people voted early. But longtime residents say they did see a higher in-person turnout than normal.

“More people than before. I’ve come to this precinct to vote all the time,” said Thomas Bradley, who lives in Elizabeth City.

Voters in North Carolina did see a change to this year’s ballot: the removal of the straight-ticket option. That means voters could not simply vote for a party — they had to vote for individual candidates.

The voters we spoke with didn’t seem to mind.

“I think it’s good that you vote for each individual candidate,” said Ann Bradley, who also lives in Elizabeth City.

The voters who made it out today say they know their vote matters, especially in a battleground state. They have a message for those who chose to not head to the polls.

“A lot of people have sacrificed a lot in the past for that right and they should get out here and do it,” said Ann Bradley.

“Every vote matters. Every vote matters,” Thomas Bradley said.

“You can’t be mad at the results if you didn’t go out and vote. You can’t be mad at what happens after today if you didn’t take initiative to make a change,” said Khadijah Bryant, a student at Elizabeth City State University.

Something to note: North Carolina does not require a photo ID to vote. That decision was made by the Supreme Court back in August.