Norfolk family says pro-Trump signs caused vandals to damage property

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A family contacted 10 On Your Side after vandals tossed eggs and bags of feces near the pro- Donald Trump signs on their property.

“I mean, that is meant to shame… put forth a message,” said Lisa Trengove-Jones.

Trengove-Jones said that her sons and husband discovered the vandalism upon leaving their West Freemason home Monday morning. Their porch and two of their vehicles were trashed. trumpvandalism2

“It’s just disrespectful,” her son, Oliver, said.

The family fears the vandals carefully watched their property in order to identify which vehicles were theirs.

“It went beyond attacking the candidate. It became a personal thing when I found out my vehicles, my vehicles themselves were vandalized, because we don’t have our own driveway… someone really thought this out and planned this.”

Trengove-Jones contacted police, 10 On Your Side, and Tom Cherry, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Norfolk.

Cherry said that vandals constantly tear down their pro-Trump signs outside of their office on Little Creek Road.

“Almost everyday since September, our signs have been stolen or vandalized,” he said. “Our big ones are cut up with razor knives and we just keep replacing them every day.”

The office installed surveillance cameras, even catching vandals in the act. But Cherry says what happened to Trengove-Jones’ home is the worst case of campaign sign vandalism he’s heard of locally.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a home being vandalized that bad. Usually someone will take the sign and throw it away or run down the street, but not vandalism like that.”

Trengove-Jones said she will continue to display the signs supporting her candidates.

“I’m just really glad to live in America, where we can continue to each all have our differences of opinions and live in peace.”

10 On Your Side reached out to the Norfolk Democratic Committee. Officials there said they have not heard reports of Democratic campaign signs being torn down or vandalized. They noted that they do not condone vandalism to either party’s signs.

Last month, a Chesapeake man reported that his pro-Clinton signs were damaged and taken from his yard.