Election Day preparations underway in New York City

NEW YORK (WAVY) — The Naked Cowboys are part of the carnival-like atmosphere outside the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign headquarters.

The Cowboys are dressed in underwear and they play guitars. It becomes a spectacle in the day traffic on Fifth Avenue at Trump Tower. The commotion is in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn, where a lone anti-Clinton protester is the only hint that the headquarters are located there.

10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox spoke to Lily Adams, a Clinton spokesperson on battleground state strategies.

“I think the strategy is to outline the choice voters face,” Adams said. “One candidate, who is incredibly divisive and dangerous, and one, who is Hillary Clinton, who has spoken about bringing people together to make a more inclusive America where people can get ahead.”

Back on Fifth Avenue on the 16th floor of Trump Tower outside the War Room, Senior Trump Advisor Curtis Ellis says, “This is the last day… This is the heart and brain of the Trump Campaign. What goes on in there, we monitor all the media. We monitor all the networks, and a lot of the local stations.”

Ellis says Trump can win Michigan, which he says punctures Clinton’s path to winning.

“Michigan has lost nearly a third of its manufacturing jobs. Hundreds of thousands of jobs, due to NAFTA Trade Agreement… That was the work of Bill Clinton when he was president and Hillary Clinton.”

Adams disagrees with the Michigan vulnerability.

“We are not worried about that. We are back in Michigan because the whole state of Michigan votes tomorrow. That is why President Obama is there today. That is why Hillary is there today. We are making a closing case and it’s really important to get that GOTV [Get Out The Vote] boost going into Election Day, and it is an important state.”

Andy Fox asked Ellis: If Trump had been more on message throughout the campaign, with fewer self-inflicted wounds, isn’t it possible he would be out-polling Clinton in most of the states he needs to win?

“We don’t have time to look back,” Ellis said. “We have to look forward. We have crowds of enthusiasm. We have internal polling that looks great. There is a wave building.”

That lone protester outside the Hillary Clinton Brooklyn Campaign Head Quarters said, “I know for certain I’m not going to vote for Hillary… I’m not sure I’m going to vote for Trump.”

About that “GOTV” effort, Adams says the Clinton campaign has contacted millions of voters over the past weekend.

“We are feeling really good about the battleground states. We are feeling really good about your home state of Virginia. Kaine is headed there tonight and to Northern Virginia.”

Chesapeake talk show host and Trump supporter John Fredericks is in New York this week.

“We went into the lion’s den,” he said. “Mike Pence came to Fairfax. Trump was in Loudon County at midnight. We are in the belly of the beast and turning voters everyday.”