Three former correctional officers accused of smuggling cell phone into prison

WINDSOR, NC (WITN) – The Windsor Police Department has obtained arrest warrants for three former Department of Public Safety correctional officers who are accused of smuggling cell phones into the Bertie Correctional Institution.

The former officers and one inmate will be charged with Felony Conspiracy.

Windsor Police Chief Todd Lane tells WITN the three former officers are all women, while the inmate is a man. He is still incarcerated but has been transferred to another facility.

Lane says inmates often want cell phones to continue criminal enterprises from behind bars but possession of a cell phone by an inmate is a felony.

Windsor Police say the case remains under investigation and detectives are working to determine if this case reaches beyond the four people known to be involved at this time.

No identifying information will be released until all parties involved have been arrested.

This is a developing story and we will bring you more details as soon as they become available.