Chelsea Clinton makes campaign stop in Elizabeth City

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) – Dozens of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered Saturday morning to greet her daughter, Chelsea.

The event was held at the Museum of the Albemarle next to the waterfront. 92-year-old Rubina Williams arrived early to a place she says is special for her.

When she was in fifth grade, Williams met President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the docks. She says she attended the inauguration of John F. Kennedy in 1960.

“I said then I would never go back for another inauguration but if Hillary wins, I’ll be there in January,” Williams says.

Johnson was in the front row to greet Clinton, who urged for voters in the battleground state to get out and encourage others to vote for her mother.

“I worry that, all that I care most about is at risk. Everything really is on the ballot this year. The progress President Obama has made, has gotten far too little credit for what he’s made, is on the ballot. The opportunity for further progress is on the ballot and the core values for what we are as a country are on the ballot,” Clinton says.

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While many like Williams came out to stand with Clinton’s family, she was interrupted twice by hecklers.

“One of the great things about our country is we have free speech, and we are going to keep using our voice and our vote to prove what is actually at stake in this election. What we know is important for our country’s future,” Clinton says about the hecklers.

While two hecklers were escorted, Elizabeth City resident Tim Hulett protested peacefully outside.

“I’m protesting Hillary Clinton. I’m protesting her policies, her 30 years of being in office doing nothing, protesting her corruption, her emails,” Hulett says.

Hulett, who doesn’t identify with a political party says he voted for Donald Trump because he believes an outsider will get more accomplished.

“He needs to drain the swamp like he says. I believe he’ll get the country back on its feet again,” Hulett says.

Although many of Clinton supporters inside the event say they already voted, they’ll have lingering concerns about battleground states until election Tuesday.

“We’re all worried about all of those. I’m hoping North Carolina will sway. I think this crowd’s going to show that,” says resident Bobbi Hunsberger.