NC group sets record for blasting air horns while protesting McCrory

Image Credit: WNCN

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With just a few days left until election day, protesters wanted to give Gov. Pat McCrory one last, loud performance outside his house.

A gathering of people across the street calling themselves an “Air Horn Orchestra” has been at the governor’s mansion every week since House Bill 2 passed.

On Wednesday night they tried to break a world record.

The group also wanted to bring attention to the governor’s record on the issues.

But,  Republicans dismiss what happened Wednesday night as nothing more than blowing hot air.

The “orchestra”  was playing  for the 30th and final time.

“This is my real life. I don’t get paid to do this. This means so much to me because if you can see the line is wrapped all the way around the building,” said Hope Tyler of Raleigh.

The group wears t-shirts and has signs during their protests.

“It’s a very personal issue for me. You know, it’s affected my life a lot and HB2 has really affected my life a lot,” said Owen Auman of Raleigh.

To set a record, organizers needed more than 250 people to blow their horns simultaneously.

“We wanted to give Governor Pat McCrory something positive to remember his governorship by,” said Tina Haver Currin.

A recent poll by Monmouth University found the governor’s approval rating is improving.

He’s still in a tight race against Attorney General Roy Cooper.

But, the pollsters found his response to Hurricane Matthew has been a more immediate concern to people. While House Bill 2  drove up his disapproval numbers this summer as high-profile events like the NBA All-Star Game were pulled from the state.

“The economic record of this administration is really strong, and that’s why you have a bunch of people blowing horns because they have nothing really legitimate to say,” said Dallas Woodhouse of the N.C. Republican Party.

Governor McCrory campaign’s spokesman Ricky Diaz responded to the horn-blowers Wednesday night:

“They may make a lot of noise, but all they’re blowing is hot air. Governor McCrory continues to rise in the polls and has all the momentum in the final few days because voters are realizing that Roy Cooper hasn’t been doing his job as attorney general and wouldn’t stand up for North Carolina if elected governor,” Diaz said.

If the governor loses the race, the organizers of Wednesday’s event are planning a funeral procession at the same location next Wednesday.