Sen. Tommy Norment says he supports decriminalizing marijuana

Sen. Tommy Norment (Photo:

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — Senator Tommy Norment, R-Va., tells 10 On Your Side he supports the decriminalization of small, modest amounts of marijuana.

Sen. Norment is the Republican majority leader of the Virginia Senate and is considered one of the the most powerful political leaders in the Commonwealth.

“It is crazy, we lock up people in the state for modest amounts of marijuana,” Sen. Norment said. “I think the issue can adequately be addressed with civil penalties rather than criminal ones. For example, if you are caught with a modest amount of marijuana, you could be ordered into drug rehabilitation, restricting a driver’s license. If you are caught again in a certain period of time, then maybe it could be a criminal matter.”

The senator emphasized he is for decriminalization and not legalization.