Virginia Beach man concerned about neighbor’s uprooted tree

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A man is calling on Virginia Beach officials to remove his next-door neighbor’s tree after it uprooted during Hurricane Matthew.

Carl Fusco told 10 On Your Side he’s concerned the tree will collapse onto his home on Adirondack Court.

“The lean is right over my garage,” he said. “We’re worried about another storm coming through and finishing the job here.”

Right now, the tilting tree is being supported by another one. Its roots caused Fusco’s fence to lift up, toppling a nearby pile of bricks.

Fusco first voiced his concerns to the homeowner, who has spent several weeks out-of-state.

Reached by phone, the homeowner told 10 On Your Side that he has only seen pictures of the tree, and that he cannot afford to have it removed.

Both he and Fusco said that they contacted the city to take care of the problem.

10 On Your Side spoke to Virginia Beach Code Enforcement Official Wells Freed, who said the homeowner was issued a notice of violation. The notice gave the homeowner seven days to take care of the issue. That week has passed.

Fusco worries about what could happen as more time goes on. He doesn’t want to cause trouble for his neighbor, but he also doesn’t want his family to get injured if the tree tumbles down.

“Maybe we can get our local municipalities to act a little faster on these things,” Fusco said. “We’re supposedly in a disaster area… where’s FEMA? Where’s the money? Where’s people taking care of these things?”

Freed said he hopes to resolve this with voluntary compliance from the homeowner. The city will not cut a tree down on private property, but its workers can help to haul debris away.

The city’s options are to issue a court summons or to bid the work to a contractor and charge the homeowner. City officials reportedly talked to the homeowner on Tuesday and will do so again on Wednesday, in hopes of finding a resolution.