Police: Several burglaries in northern Suffolk neighborhoods

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Suffolk police on Monday sent out tips to help residents following recent burglaries.

In a post on the website Nextdoor, Suffolk police say there have been “several residential burglaries” recently in neighborhoods near College Drive, Hampton Roads Parkway and Respass Beach Road.

Neighbor Cathy Batson says she is more concerned about car break-ins.

“I think anywhere that you live, you are going to take extra precautions. But of course, when there is word going around that someone has been breaking into cars, of course you are going to lock them up where you normally wouldn’t lock them up. As far as house goes, we keep our house locked up all of the time,” said Batson.

Police did not say exactly how many burglaries have been reported, but offered tips for residents to help guard against burglaries.

The tips included:

  • Locking all doors and windows when leaving the house or when going to sleep
  • Leaving a couple of lights on when leaving the house at night
  • Keeping your garage door locked and closed

Residents are being advised to report any suspicious activity to Suffolk police.