Police: Newport News man assaulted, robbed at hotel

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News police are investigating a robbery after a wallet was found in York County over the weekend.

On Saturday, October 29, a person turned in a wallet they found in the Coventry area of York County. Police responded to an address listed on an ID inside the wallet and spoke with a 54-year-old Newport News man. The man was hesitant to speak to officers at first, but eventually told them he was robbed earlier Saturday in the 11800 block of Jefferson Avenue.

The victim said he met a woman at a local hotel parking lot. They exchanged information and met after the victim rented a hotel room. At some point, the woman said she had to leave to take care of her kids. The next morning, she called the victim and said she needed to come back to the hotel to take a shower.

While she was there, a man the victim didn’t know knocked on the door. The woman said he was her boyfriend’s best friend. The man told her she needed to come watch the kids and then, he left. After he left, the woman told the victim to look out the peep-hole to see if he had left the area. As the victim looked into the peep-hole, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder from a stun gun.

The woman pushed past the victim and opened the door to let the man back inside. The man told the victim he wanted his wallet and phone. After the victim refused, he was held in a choke hold and punched in the face several times. The victim passed out.

When the victim woke up, he realized that he was robbed. He got up and ran to the rental office to tell the clerk about the robbery, then went back to his room, grabbed his back and went home.

The victim told police he was missing about $60 in cash. Police say he had a bruise near his neck from the stun gun.

According to police, the victim didn’t originally report the robbery because he thought that he was going to get in trouble for soliciting prostitution. Police did not charge him.

Authorities are still investigating.