Virginia Beach man catches political sign vandalism on camera

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Earlier this week, 10 On Your Side brought you the story of a man in Chesapeake who’s Hillary Clinton yard signs were stolen from his front yard.

On Saturday, we spoke with a man in Virginia Beach who’s Trump signs were damaged in his front yard, and he caught the whole thing on camera.

“He made a dart for that one and was trying to pull it up, it appeared. He couldn’t get it up and that’s when he kicked it, kicked through it,” says Dennis Jordan.

Jordan says he wasn’t surprised when his yard signs supporting Presidential Candidate Donald Trump were kicked into the ground.

“It’s so petty, you know, my goodness, it’s a sign. A piece of plastic and some wire,” Jordan says.

But that plastic and wire represents his right to choose a candidate. Something that, as a veteran, Jordan doesn’t take lightly.

“I have a right to follow whoever I want to follow when there are elections. Elections aren’t one-sided. You have to have somebody to run against somebody and that’s just who I choose,” Jordan says.

While he’s never had political signs ripped down before, the climate of this year’s election made him think twice about the possibility of them being taken down. After about an hour of setting up a surveillance camera, he felt prepared.

“So I mounted it over here with some string and just got it looking perfectly at the signs at that area and it’s just sitting there it was,” Jordan says.

Friday night, after dinner, Jordan noticed his signs had been damaged. That’s when he looked at his surveillance video and saw the vandalism.

“Nobody has the right to come onto my property and destroy anything, regardless if it’s a sign or not,” Jordan says.

Jordan says he’s passionate about politics, and if he ever meets the man who damaged his signs, he knows what he would say.

“What good do you think that did? Coming on my property and destroying my signs. This is my candidate,” Jordan says. He says he’s not trying to force his beliefs on anyone else — but it’s his right to choose. “To be able to choose, that’s democracy.”

Jordan did file a police report. He says officers are looking into the situation, but he’s not worried about this happening again. If it does, his camera will be there.