What’s next for Lakewood Plaza Apartment residents after pipe burst?

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Dozens of Norfolk senior citizens will have to find temporary living in hotels.

Last week 10 On Your Side reported that the City of Norfolk found dozens of Lakewood Plaza Senior Apartments unlivable. It happened after a pipe burst in the building.

Residents of Lakewood Plaza apartments reportedly told to leave

Friday, residents told WAVY News the temporary stay doesn’t have an end in sight yet. Through our digging, WAVY News knows that the federal government is taking a look at the complex.

June Wright started living in Lakewood plaza four years ago.

“My husband passed away very suddenly,” Wright said. “The money I had in savings I had to pay for his burial.”

Back on October 9, a pipe burst in the building and made her home unlivable.

“When I stepped off my bed the water was above my ankles,” she said.

June and 67 other residents have found homes in hotels while construction crews work on the complex.

This week, 10 On Your Side talked to a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) about the situation, who said private owners of the complex have applied for what’s called a Section 8 PASS-through. If it’s granted, Lakewood Plaza residents’ HUD money can be used for long-term temporary housing.

June wright says her insurance money is running out. She doesn’t know how long she’ll be living between a hotel room and her car.

“I can almost understand how homeless people feel,” she said. “They have nobody, they have nowhere to go and what they’re doing is walking the street looking for the best place they can go to sleep at night.”

HUD doesn’t know how long the residents will stay in temporary housing, either. The spokesperson said in the next two weeks, HUD teams will visit Lakewood Plaza Apartments to check on the damage from the pipe burst. Also, the visit will, “assess the systemic issues” of the apartments.

10 On Your Side called Lakewood Plaza’s management for this report. We were told no one was there. Our reporter asked if they could leave a message. The person who answered the phone said no.