Changes on campus following school brawl

PERQUIMANS, N.C. (WAVY) — A day after an ugly fight at Perquimans High School, officials decided to beef up security. Metal detectors and deputies met students at the doors Friday.

“I heard a student say yesterday that this happens once in three blue moons and that’s a lot of blue moons,” said Perquimans County Schools Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman. “We don’t want our students to feel that this was anything more than an isolated incident.”

Thursday between classes, a fight broke out in the hallway. Five students were involved and 13 teachers were injured trying to break it up. They suffered cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Police charged Terrill Tillet and Austin Deziel, both 17, with disorderly conduct. 17-year-old Alkeem Archer was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assaulting a school employee.

Court documents: Alkeem Archer | Austin Deziel | Terrill Tillett

The two other students involved in the fight will be charged as juveniles.

“It was kind of tense and everyone wondered why they were getting searched,” said student Peyton Hohenstein. “I think people need to understand the times we are living in and we just need to step back and try to be safe. Let the authorities do their job.”

Authorities continue to review security footage of the hallway brawl, but believe they have identified everyone involved.

“They are going to take it seriously and then take action and search everybody just for everyone’s safety,” added student Dalton.