Perquimans High School student arrested, staff members injured

HERTFORD, N.C. (WAVY) – 10 On Your Side has confirmed a student at Perquimans High School was arrested Thursday following a large fight at the school. The Sheriff’s Office said they expect other students will also be charged.

According to School Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman, a fight broke out between two male students around 8:45 a.m., then three other students got involved. He said as many as 13 faculty and staff members were injured as they tried to stop the fight.

One of the students involved in the fight threw a fire extinguisher as a projectile, hitting a staff member. Cheeseman said none of the injuries were serious; mostly cuts and bruises, but he said one of the faculty members went to an Urgent Care on their own and was determined to have a concussion.

Four of the five students involved also received minor injuries. None of them had to go to the hospital; EMS treated everyone on scene.

Through the investigation, they believe an off-campus issue made its way to the school. Investigators are still looking at the school surveillance cameras. The other four students involved will likely face charges, Cheeseman said.

Parents were notified with a phone call Thursday. Cheeseman said he was thrilled with the way the school’s faculty and staff responded to the fight and how the rest of the students returned to class as normal.