On the Ballot: Portsmouth Mayor

Six men are running for Mayor of Portsmouth in the November 8, 2016 election, including incumbent Kenny Wright. The other candidates for the office are Shannon Glover, Cliff Page Jr., Barry Randall, John Rowe Jr. and James Sturdevant. Here is some information about each of the candidates:

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Shannon Glover (I)

(Information courtesy of http://www.shannonglover.com/meet-shannon)

shannon-gloverShannon Glover is a business owner in the City of Portsmouth and a leader in the community. He is running for Mayor because he is concerned about the future of our city and believes it is time for our leadership to change. As Mayor, Shannon will collaborate with council members and listen to the community. He will build relationships with residents, community leaders, schools and businesses to address the current and future struggles being faced by our city. Shannon will be a new Mayor with a new approach who will give our city a new future.

Shannon is a small business owner in the City of Portsmouth. His company, Commonwealth Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc., specializes in providing human resource consulting services and managing employee benefit programs for companies with 2 – 500 employees. Additionally, Shannon, and his wife, Paula, own Creative Learners Educational Center located in Portsmouth.

While serving in the United States Navy, Shannon graduated from the Naval School of Health Sciences and worked at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. He continued his education graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Norfolk State University. As Mayor, Shannon would work to encourage more collaboration between the military and our city.


Cliff H. Page, Jr. (I)

(Information courtesy of http://cliffpage4mayor.org/about)

cliff-pageCliff Page believes that the necessary leadership to bring about the changes that we must make as a City, to put us back on course, takes a progressive visionary mind not a bean counter, nor a back slapper, not a get-along-go-along jolly self promoter, or anyone with an external agenda, nor should it be anyone who has not been involved with our community for a very long time. Our Mayor at this juncture in our history should not be a government insider, but rather an outsider, with a broad fresh perspective, but with an insider’s knowledge, capable of leading. Cliff Page believes that a mayor must plot the course and set it, but that the wheel that maintains our bearing must be in the hands of a trusted manager, the helmsman, who keeps us on the designated course, to protect us from foundering.

He believes that while a manager’s staff acts as specialized watch-standers on our voyage, dedicated to keeping us safe and out of peril, our common citizens are like a well seasoned crew who should be always vigilant to any peril and mindful of the survival of us all. The warning voices of the people are like a loyal crew whose backs drive the vessel forward, whose ideas and distentions should be heard and addressed, to assure that nothing is left overturned in determining the safest, most prudent and most profitable course that will benefit all of our citizens in this representative democracy. Portsmouth needs unity, direction, purpose and a more responsive and engaging form of government that will permit us to have a better, easier and more profitable life as we travel on our journey to the opposite shore. Moreover, at this juncture in our history we need visionary leadership!

Barry Randall (I)

Barry Randall, 38, was born and raised in Portsmouth and graduated in 1997 from Woodrow Wilson High School. He says combating the city’s violent crime rate will be his top priority, including fully funding the police and fire departments.

Randall told WAVY News 10 he belives more work needs to be done in addressing the futures of the city’s African-American population to prevent them from becoming felons or homeless.

“I’m running for mayor to give our blacks an opportunity to have a choice,” Randall added in a March interview.

John Rowe (I)

(Information courtesy of http://www.roweformayor.com/about_john)

dsc_1617_ppJohn Rowe has a unique combination of nearly four and one-half decades of public administration experience in the Commonwealth of Virginia – more than three decades in local government management within the Hampton Roads region (on both the Peninsula and the south side of Hampton Roads) and nearly a decade in public higher education as a college vice president for finance and administration.

John grew up in Portsmouth, and he was educated in the Portsmouth Public School System – he attended James Hurst, John Tyler, Harry Hunt, and he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1962.

He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Class of 1966.

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James Sturdevant (I)

(Information courtesy of http://www.jimmyforportsmouth.com/about-jim/)

portsmouth-705x550-1Jim Sturdevant is a Portsmouth native and 1968 graduate from Woodrow Wilson High School. He furthered his education and graduated with a BA degree from Atlantic Christian College and an MBA from Rutgers University.

By the end of his career he was responsible for $60 million in sales, $20 million in expenses and facilities cost, ran four facilities, and managed 350 employees.

During Jim’s down time he became a USCG licensed Captain (OUPV) 2005-2015. He participated in the Gulf Breeze Coast Watch volunteer program which helped search and find oil spills during the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in 2010. As a member of the GBPD Volunteers in Police Service program, he received a Presidential Volunteerism Award. Jim was also a member of the Santa Rosa Shores HOA Board of Directors and Laboratory Products Association Board of Directors.

Although his career moved him from the area, Jim and his wife, Linda Boothe Sturdevant, are now living back in their home town of Portsmouth, Virginia. Jim says “it was home, it is home, and will always be home.”


Kenny Wright (I)

(Information courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Kenny-Wright-for-Mayor-131220266923127/about/)

kenny-wrightKenny Wright has served as the city’s mayor since 2010, when he won an at-large special election. He was elected again in 2012 during the regular at-large general election.

Woodrow Wilson High – 1981
Newport News Apprentice School – 1986
– Marine Designer
Thomas Nelson Community College – 1988
– Mechanical Engineering
Old Dominion University – 1991
– Mechanical Engineering Technology

Community Service:
Finance Committee – City of Portsmouth
Supplemental Retirement Board – City of Portsmouth
Chairman – Portsmouth Schools Foundation
Chairman – STARBASE VICTORY – Portsmouth Public Schools
Treasurer – Sigma Phi Pi (Boule`)
Member – Omega Psi Phi (Keeper of Finance – 8 years)
PASS Partner – Hodges Manor Elementary
Past Member – Portsmouth Partnership
Past President – Portsmouth Pan-Hellenic Council
Past President – The Eureka Club of Portsmouth
Past President – Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Chapter 217)
Past President – Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Old Dominion University)

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