Off-duty Portsmouth deputy subdues armed man in Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — An off-duty Portsmouth Sheriff’s deputy subdued an armed suspect in Chesapeake Tuesday.

Deputy Randy Cummings was meeting his son at an office on Gum Road in Chesapeake. While waiting for his son, Deputy Cummings heard a gunshot and saw a woman running from a man, who was armed with a handgun and chasing the woman.

Deputy Cummings, who was in plain clothes, drew his weapon and ordered the man to stop and drop the gun. After a second command, the suspect dropped the weapon and Cummings took him into custody. Chesapeake police arrived to the scene and the suspect was turned over to them.

The Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office says Deputy Cummings works in the civil process division. He’s been in law enforcement for the last 36 years, both as a Portsmouth police officer and deputy sheriff. Cummings will celebrate 15 years with the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office on November 1.