Newport News police warn of card skimmers ahead of holiday shopping

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News Police are warning you to check before you swipe your credit or debit card.

According to Newport News Police Spokesman Lou Thurston, two new skimming devices were found at gas station in Newport News on Wednesday.

10 On Your Side has learned that card skimming devices are popping up at local gas stations. According to Thurston, two skimmers were found at 7-Eleven stores in Newport News.

“Who knows how many people went through there, got gas and didn’t see anything wrong or notice anything wrong? How many people did that and their car was skimmed?”

Thurston says with the busy holiday shopping season, comes the increased chance of the devices.

“Holiday season, people are shopping more and need more money, we kind of see these pop up a little more often,” said Thurston.

Look for security tape on the machine, if it looks like its been tampered with, don’t swipe. If it looks like there’s an added device on the machine, don’t swipe. If the swiping device on the pump or ATM machine is loose, that’s a red flag.

“If you see something like that, go inside and tell the clerks what is going on but definitely don’t get gas from that pump,” said Thurston.

If you find a device, you can also call the non-emergency number at your local police department.