Neighbors upset with proposed landfill expansion in Chesapeake

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A proposed landfill expansion near a Chesapeake neighborhood has people living there frustrated.

The landfill is off U.S. 17 at Bainbridge and Dominion boulevards, just feet away from the Dominion Lakes neighborhood. Residents say they don’t want the increased traffic, noise and health affects they think will come if the landfill expands.

“It affects everybody in Chesapeake. This is a big issue and it should be treated as such,” said John Weinreich of Dominion Lakes Homeowner’s Association.

The issue started months ago when the Dominion Lakes Homeowner’s Association learned the owners of the nearby construction and demolition landfill wanted to expand it.

“I personally feel that this is the wrong place and wrong time to put a landfill right there,” Weinreich said.

The HOA sent a letter to the city asking them not to approve the move.

In a June letter obtained by 10 On Your Side, the city agreed and told the landfill owners they couldn’t expand.

However, the company filed an appeal. Neighbors were then told about a public hearing.

“I was really shocked when I received it,” Dominion Lakes resident Angela Herbert said. “I did see that the city had decided their permit request, so I felt kind of comfortable that this wasn’t going to occur. My reaction was shock and surprise.”

Angela Herbert has lived in her home 13 years. She says it sits 2,000 feet from the current landfill.

“Every bit of fumes, anything that goes into the air, the volume of sound levels are higher. It impacts me directly,” Herbert said.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency website, a construction and demolition landfill receives debris that typically consists of roadwork material, along with waste from demolition, construction, renovation and site clearance. There are three other landfills like this in Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Portsmouth.

Janet F. Weyland, Deputy Regional Director of the Department of Environmental Quality, says there are standards in place to protect public health and safety.

Neighbors have collected more than 500 signatures in a petition asking the city to block the landfill expansion.

“This is not a good idea,” Weinreich said.

10 On Your Side’s Brandi Cummings reached out to the contact person listed on the company’s appeal application, but has not heard back.

The city will have a public hearing on Thursday. Neighbors say they plan to be there in full force.