Activists use explicit images to advocate against presidential candidate

COLUMBUS, Ga.(WRBL) — One group took to the streets of Columbus, Georgia with a graphic message Saturday. The Chattahoochee Valley United for Life is a pro-life group that is comprised of people from different religions.

The group is urging voters not to vote for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because of her pro-choice stance on abortion.

Some member of the group held explicit signs of aborted fetuses during a demonstration Saturday. The group says the graphic images are necessary to convey their message.

“Pro-life means we care about the life of the child, we care about the life of the mother, and in the very rare cases where, like say, an ectopic pregnancy, where the child has to be removed, that’s unfortunate,” Lincoln Brandenburg, the Vice President of the Chatthahoochee Valley United for Life group said. “But you are saving the one life you can. The intention is not to kill the child.”

The group says they support outlawing abortions because they say most of the procedures are elective rather than life-saving measures. The group adds that they are planning more demonstrations before election day Nov. 8.