Donald Trump speaks at Regent University

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke at Regent University this afternoon, a full 17 days ahead of the general election.

“We are going to win the great Commonwealth of Virginia and we are going to win back the white house,” said Trump as he began his speech in front of an energized crowd.

Michelle Sobczak, who lives in Chesapeake, said, “I said to my husband when he first started, ‘I’m never voting for him. Are you kidding me?’ And then as I listened to what he said and I listened to the things he talked about.  He won me over.”

At Saturday’s event, Trump spoke about lowering taxes, creating jobs, ending Obamacare and keeping companies in Virginia.

His promises resonated with the Hampton Roads crowd.  “I like the idea of him strengthening the Navy in Virginia Beach and Newport News because right now we need that boost in our economy,” said Rick Blair, who lives in Hampton.

Trump’s latest visit to Hampton Roads comes amid controversy sparked by the candidate’s recent comments that he would only accept the results of November’s election if he wins.

The GOP nominee has visited Hampton Roads several times in 2016 — as well as 2015 — including a Presidential Forum at Regent hosted by founder and televangelist Pat Robertson.

Saturday’s event also comes more than a week after there were reports that Trump’s campaign was leaving Virginia.

A local campaign staffer told 10 On Your Side that resources were moved from the Commonwealth to other states, including North Carolina. GOP sources told CNN Oct. 17 that Trump is still competing in Virginia.

Congressman Scott Taylor and Va. State Senator Frank Wagner were among those speaking before Trump.  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani also spoke, telling the crowd that this is their chance to elect someone outside of the establishment.

Outside of campus, people gathered showing their support for democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, saying they had been asked to leave Regent’s campus.

“We had pre-cleared an event to come here, just outside the Trump event, to have a quick press conference to say: here, about 300 years worth of military experience and military families and we want to say Hillary Clinton is the only qualified candidate to be commander-in-chief,” said Dave Belote, who is the chairman of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee.

But supporters inside of the perimeter outnumbered those outside, as Trump shared his message loud and clear.

“This will be the beginning. This is a movement like has never been seen before. You’re going to look back at the election, remember November 8th because your country is going to be a country that starts winning again,” said Trump.