Caught on Video: Texas officer revives 3-year-old with CPR

GRANBURY, Tx. (KLFY)— A lifesaving moment of a Texas Police Officer saving a 3-year-old boy was recently caught on camera.

“A frantic mother and father call 911 because their 3-year-old son has stopped breathing and is unresponsive,” said the department’s Facebook post.

According to the Granbury Police Department, Officer Chase Miller was scanning the EMS channel and heard the call. Realizing that he was just moments away from the location, he responded to the scene within a minute of the call.

The video shows Officer Miller grabbing the child from the mother and beginning CPR.

As the boy’s parents watched nearby, Officer Miller instructs the father to help so he can retrieve a CPR mask.

Moments later, Officer Miller returns and continues CPR, until finally, the boy begins to breathe again.

Officer Chase Miller was awarded the Life Saving Award on Oct. 18 where he was reunited with the boy and his parents.

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