Eastern Shore agencies practice emergency preparedness

ACCOMAC, Va. (WAVY) — Staff from the Eastern Shore Health District (ESHD) and Eastern Shore Rural Health (ESRH) did an emergency preparedness exercise at the Franktown Community Health Center Tuesday.

120 workers from both of the organizations, Star Transit, Community Emergency Response Team volunteers and the Eastern Shore Medical Reserve Corp, practiced the opening of a neighborhood emergency help center. There, they trained in dispensing preventative medicine.

ESHD has partnered with ESRH since 2004. They practice mass dispensing annually at community health centers located strategically throughout the Eastern Shore in order to be best prepared to handle a “mass exposure to a biological weapon” type of event that might require a large number of people to seek treatment in a limited window of time.

In a real event, medication would arrive to the Eastern Shore from the United States Strategic National Stockpile, which must be dispensed to all who need it within 48 hours, according to the plan. Evaluators from both organizations provide suggestions for improvement and all participants are encouraged to provide feedback in order to improve the process at each location.

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