Out of Halloween costume ideas? Ask Siri

Not sure what you should wear this Halloween. Just ask Siri!

Hold down the home button on any iOS device and say, “Siri, what should I be for Halloween?”

The answers range from mathematical equations to some very punny options.

We asked several people around the WAVY TV newsroom to see what they would get for a response.

Siri told Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler he should be an ‘intelligent agent.”

Morning traffic reporter Jen Lewis puzzled Siri with her question; in her dimension they dress in strange costumes and eat candy every day.

She was very complimentary to News Director Mark Kurtz and Reporter Jason Marks, telling them to “Just be yourself.”

Siri thought Hampton Roads Show host Chris Reckling and Anchor Don Roberts should both be general relativity theorists.

Chris Horne could dress as an eclipse if he like’s Siri’s idea.

Managing Editor of Digital Jane Alvarez-Wertz needs to figure out how to go as The Fibonacci Sequence.

And Anchor/Reporter Stephanie Harris had one of the silliest suggestions… to dress up as chapstick and tell people you’re ‘the balm.’

What suggestions did Siri give you? Leave your answer on the WAVY TV 10 FACEBOOK PAGE.

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