Counting Kindness 101: Brady and Kingston Elementary

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Counting Kindness 101 is about an entire school recognizing the personal accomplishment of one of its students. This one comes to us from Kingston Elementary in Virginia Beach, where a boy named Brady has a very acute interest in vacuum cleaners and loves to help his parents and vacuum at home.

Brady had his eye on the Dyson Kinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner, so his parents told him if he ran 100 miles they’d get it for him. So starting with just a half mile and working up to three or four at a time, Brady chipped away at his goal at home and during PE at school and yesterday students, teachers and staff members at Kingston lined the hallway as Brady finished mile 100.

Waiting for him in the cafeteria were his parents, and the vacuum cleaner of his dreams. The Dyson company gifted it to Brady and his family after hearing about his story. Brady’s Dad said he hoped other kids would be inspired and believe that they could also reach their goals. He also said their house would be the cleanest in the neighborhood.

Dyson also gave Brady a model of the motor to study since he is very interested in how it works. Brady is a new student this year and has quickly become well known for his bright and positive personality.