VIDEO: Cleveland Police care! Officer hands out tissues to Blue Jay fans after loss

CLEVELAND, OH (WCMH) — A video shared on Facebook shows just how much Cleveland Police officers care about visiting Blue Jay fans.

The Toronto Blue Jays are down three games to none against the Cleveland Indians in the American League Champions Series. Two of those losses came in Cleveland.

Losing games can be tough for fans, so one Cleveland officer decided to help Blue Jay fans by handing out tissues after Toronto’s loss to the Tribe, Saturday night.

“Cleveland Police being great hosts and being sure the Toronto fans had plenty of Kleenex after their team lost on Saturday. Great sense of humor and having a good time,” Jim Davis, the person who shared the video to Facebook wrote.

The Cleveland Police Department’s Facebook page shared the video with the caption, “In Cleveland, we really care. As an example, here is a video of Patrol Officer Vu Nguyen handing out tissues to sad Toronto fans after their loss.”