10 On Your Side success: City of Chesapeake removes trees from man’s fence

Credit: Kyle Shannon

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A man who reached out to 10 On Your Side for help after a tree fell on his fence during Hurricane Matthew says the City of Chesapeake has agreed to remove the downed limbs.

Karl Shannon says several trees fell behind his home onto his fence during the storm. This was the most recent time, but this had happened twice before.

Who’s responsible for fallen tree behind Chesapeake man’s house?

Shannon wanted the city to cut the trees and fix his fence.

After WAVY News got involved, officials agreed to remove the tree, which was found to be in city right of way. Shannon sent photos to 10 On Your Side Friday, showing that the trees had been removed.

City of Chesapeake Tree Removal Policy:

City will remove all trees from both City Right-of-Way and private property that are City owned trees. City owned trees are those whose trunk (or center of trunk) is within the City right-of-way or on city property.

City will remove broken limbs overhanging the City Right-of-Way.

City will remove all portions of privately owned trees from City Right-of-Way, remaining portion of tree is responsibility of private property owner.

For trees on private property that obstruct public drainage, the City will remove only that portion of the tree within our easement that is obstructing drainage, the remainder of the tree is the private property owner’s responsibility.

The City is not responsible for damage to private property caused by hurricane events.

Residential property tree debris should be left at the side of the street, away from obstructions such as telephone poles, guy wires, fire hydrants, water meters, telephone and cable connection boxes etc., for pickup by City and contract forces.

Waste collection rules will be separately published for each event.

For information on storm debris collection, residents can call 382-CITY.