Flood waters cause Socastee, SC residents to evacuate

Image Credit: WBTW

SOCASTEE, SC (WBTW) – Several people living next to the Intracoastal Waterway in Socastee have evacuated their homes because of flood waters.

“We have been hit by a second flood,” said David Quante, a resident on Folly Road. “The first flood came at the tail end of Matthew when the storm surge came through and we got almost a foot of water in the house. This time we have almost two feet of water in the house.”

The waters were still rising over the weekend, and were expected to peak late Sunday or early Monday.

“Some of the people have been here for ten or 20 years and have never seen water like this,” added Quante. He said the flood in October 2015 was bad on Folly Road, but this time it’s worse.

“Most of the people have gotten water into their homes that have never had water inside before and there’s a tremendous amount of damage,” said Quante.

Randall and Janet Blalock have lived on Folly Road for ten years and are now using a boat to check on it.

“Several of the houses are flooded,” said Randall Blalock. He also said this year’s flooding is worse than in 2015.

“Everything, in the front and back was flooded but never got inside. But this time it’s a lot higher,” he added.

Qunate said as the waters rise, he’s trying to save what he can while he has time.

“You never anticipate something like this so you don’t know how high it’s going to go and you don’t know where to put things and what to try to save,” said Quante. “It’s just crazy.”

A shelter is open for Socastee-area residents at The Church of Christ Grand Strand. It’s located at 2212 Glenns Bay Rd in Surfside Beach.