Soldiers scoop scared dog from NC flood waters

PRINCEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Amidst all the tragedy coming out of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew, there’s at least one heartwarming story from Princeville. It’s the story of two soldiers and a stranded dog.

The soldiers were on patrol in Princeville when they spotted a dog on a porch.

Sgt. Tim White swam out to get the dog, but the scared animal jumped from the pair’s truck into the floodwater. The soldiers went in after him.

“We found him swimming then he disappeared behind some buildings,” recalled Sgt. Tim White. “I was calling for him and he appeared. I was going to watch the dog when I fell in a ditch up to my neck.”

The dog headed toward the other soldier, Spc. Tim Smith.

“His eyes were disoriented, he was trying to keep his head up,” Smith said. “I rushed towards him because he was everywhere. It was a good feeling to get him.”

The dog, who for now remains nameless, was taken here to the Edgecomb County animal shelter, which right now is overloaded with more than 100 dogs and tons of cats.

Officials say volunteers and donations are helpful for the huge influx of pets at the county shelter.